The Victoria Dwellings Association                             In Islington

Beaconsfield Buildings - Bingfield St - Caledonian Road - Kings Cross - Islington

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   'hello'   WELCOME   TO OUR  website

                 Did you live in Beaconsfield Buildings?

Did your parents-or your grand parents-or your great grand parents?

                  Did you know someone who did?

        Are you just plain curious about Beaconsfield Buildings?

  Here's your chance to ask about those stories they told of the          'buildings' and the area  -  they COULD'NT be true surely

why not use our'forum page'to share your memories   

   - of the 'buildings' - the way of life -  the hardships - the good times/bad times - the laughter/tears - ask about old friends and 
   neighbours - we'd love to hear from  'you'


 Please note. This site does not enter into any correspondence. It is simply a notice board.

       All questions and requests should be put    on the FORUM or GUEST BOOK.