Beaconsfield Buildings   Bingfield St   Caledonian Rd   Kings Cross   Islington

 Those who lived in  Beaconsfield Buildings,  the Clarence Terrace,  and surounding areas were fascinated by the derelict  'church'  on the other side of the Railway security Wall.  Generations of children played here  and explored the 'catacombs' of the many levels of  'cellars' downwards in the building.  A very gloomy and scarey place with no natural sunlight penetrating the lower levels.

           In other words a veritable MAGNET for the children of the area!!

When wood was needed - chopped up for fire kindling (and sold for pennys)  -  for  bonfire night   -  or to make soapbox carts and wooden scooters (ball bearing 'wheels' came from the Taxi garages in York Way)  -  children made the old 'church'  their first port of call.

                       The Truth about the 'Old Bombed Church'

        'Over the Railway' 

                     Its a little bit of a read but absolutely fascinating

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