The Paget Memorial Hall    Randells Rd   Bingfield St   York Way   Kings Cross   Islington




A Still from the T.V. Detective Series  'Gideons Way' - Showing Police cars passing the Paget Memorial Hall.

 See the 'buildings' poking out with their tall chimneys? 

 Is that Selkirk House(Council Block Bingfield St)   in the far distance?  -   Posted by Dave Goodwin  



 A 1950s Paget Sunday School Outing to Epping Forrest (Mrs.Warren & Mrs McCarthy)

 Christine Patching - Tony Fairburn - Colin Hicks - Patsy Hill - Teddy Roe -                   Colin Kettly - Sylvia Jackman - Sammy & Phillip Cohen - Billy Jones - Kenny Jones - Margaret Pettit - Bobby Bastock -  Eddy Slaughter - and  - WHO ELSE?   -   are you in this photo?  -  do you recognise anyone in this piccy? -  please  - we would love to know 

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 Another Sunday School Outing with Mr Hogg (and his speaking trumpet)

Childrens Christmas Party in the Drill Hall on the side of the Memorial Hall.

with Mr Hogg (Centre) and MrWilson (Right)


This wonderful man always said  ''All children aged 3 to 103 are always welcome'' 


Violet Mary Paget

Violet Mary Paget?


Sorry about this picture. Like me you probably think  It spoils our memory of the lovely old place and takes away all its reverence.  Remembrance and respect seem to have taken a back seat here.