Beaconsfield Buildings? Caledonian Market?? Bingfield St? Clarence Terrace?? York Way

 Bill Jim Ron & George Bourdice who lived in 'C' Block  V.E. Day (Thank you Ronald & Mavis Bourdice) Nellie Bourdice and Lennie Sergeants Mum Ron Bourdice and friends

(Can anyone put names to faces please) ?



  Susan Robinson and her dad (C Block)




PYE Label Recording Artists THE BLUE RONDOS

Billy Pitt-Jones ('A' Block)   John Tobin ('H' Block)   Micky Stubbs (Freeling St.)

Roger Hall (Highbury)  Ray Sheen (Peabody Buildings


Sarah Bunworth John Bunworth Ivy Fitch

Nellie Hargreaves outside a shop in the Caledonian Road. Pictured behind

 her is Michael Fitzpatrick


Letty Hargreaves with her dad William



Jeanette and Letty Hargreaves

Jeanette Hargreaves being given a lovely bath by her dear mum Helen (Nellie) Hargreaves

in the Kitchen come Lounge come Bedroom. Those were the days.


Fred Drewet & Ted Davis (middle row 2nd & 3rd from left)  And Sydney Cross

Gifford St. School about 1950 courtesy of Ted Davis


Miss Sue Robinson (Aged 8)