Beaconsfield Buildings  Caledonian Market   Bingfield St  Clarence Terrace   York Way

                  Bill Jim Ron & George Bourdice who lived in 'C' Block
                        V.E. Day (Thank you Ronald & Mavis Bourdice)

Nellie Bourdice and Lennie Sergeants Mum

Ron Bourdice and friends (Can anyone put names to faces please)

Sue Robinson and her dad Albert 'C' Block

   PYE Label Recording Artists THE BLUE RONDOS Billy Pitt-Jones ('A' Block) John Tobin  ('H' Block)   Micky Stubbs (Freeling St.)  Roger Hall (Highbury)  Ray Sheen (Peabody Buildings)
Sarah Bunworth 

John Bunworth

Ivy Fitch

Nellie Hargreaves outside a shop in the Caledonian Road.
Pictured behind her is Michael Fitzpatrick.

Letty Hargreaves with her dad William

Jeanette and Letty Hargreaves

Jeanette Hargreaves being given a lovely bath by her dear mum Helen (Nellie) Hargreaves in the Kitchen come Lounge come Bedroom. Those were the days

Fred Drewet & Ted Davis (middle row 2nd & 3rd from left}
Gifford St. School about 1950
courtesy of Ted Davis

Miss Sue Robinson (Aged 8)