Your Piccys 6



  Clarence Terrace    Beaconsfield Buildings    Caledonian Road    York Way     Kings Cross     Islington


           3 from Ada Fisher (Goff) 


                                   Coronation Day Clarence Terrace  

  Back row - June Wagstaff    Ada Goff   Bottom row - Ann Cross  Francis MacLeary 



             Paget Memorial Hal circa 1953  -  Names Ada can remember

                   Front row - Carol Woodward   Susan Wagstaff    Jane wagstaff

   Back row - Mrs McCarthy  Sylvia Jackman   Ada Goff   Doreen Pitt-Jones  Mr Hogg

                                          can you help her with more? 



                                                  Clarence Terrace

                                         Mrs Embelton  Mrs Brookman

                                     Rona McClelland  'Youngsy' Embelton 



 From our Italian influx of familys in the early 60's.  Lina Colli now living in Sicily has sent

these 2 Gems.......Lina's mum and family taken on the top floor of E Block...and another relative outside Charingtons Off Licencee (Next door to Aribins the Bakers)

Hey Lina...What about some names please...