Beaconsfield Buildings Caledonian Road Kings Cross Islington



   Recognize the 'old bombed church' on the left of the picture?
   For more than 1/2 a century local children 'Pillaged' the site
   for fire-wood.



 View from the 'old church'  back over the tracks towards York
 Way.  Ever wondered why the 'Old Bill' always turned up when
  we were trespassing 'over the railway'?  Look across the tracks,
  the Signal box had a  T-E-L-E-P-H-O-N-E



 The 'old church' again - Look no Steeple






''By 1879 when this picture of Beaconsfield Buildings appeared in the 'Graphic' magazine,  'model dwellings' were being built for workers.  They may look grim to us, but as Charles Booth wrote in th 1890s, 'the advantages of living in Buildings in my opinion far outweigh the drawbacks. Cheapness, a higher standard of cleanliness, healthy sanitary arrangments, neighbourly intercourse both between children and the grown-up people, and, perhaps above all, the impossibility of being overlooked altogether, or flagrantly neglected by relatives in illness or old age, seem to be the great gains......''




                                                     The 'Rent Office' yard



      Looking from top of  'D' Block - Down over the entrance gate - at Randels Cottages
            Destroyed by a German Land Mine (Bomb on a Parachute) during WWII  



                                           From the  Illustrated London News



                      The Hemingford Arms  -  junction Offord Rd/Hemingford Rd



                                                         The End of the Story ?